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Remnant Inventory


Remnant Inventory Looking for bathroom vanity tops or do you need a small piece of Granite countertop or Quartz countertop for a smaller project? View our huge online inventory of countertop remnants and leftover pieces of Granite, Marble, Quartz, Soapstone, Quartzite, and Stone. Budget friendly, cut to size, and installed for your custom project.

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Kitchen Visualizer Our kitchen visualizer is a tool for you to explore a representative sample of available countertop options on your time, in the comfort of your home. Here you can begin to discover the countertop options that appeal to you and customize other kitchen finishes that best fit your vision of "home". 



Granite Countertops The allure of granite is unique, engaging and ever changing, with no two slabs ever being exactly identical. The composition of granite varies greatly and may have natural imperfection. Granite is porous and must have a sealer applied. Granite will require some maintenance both cleaning and resealing.



Cambria is American made and family owned. Cambria’s products are made of the finest quartz sourced from their company-owned mine located in Quebec, Canada. They are distinctively durable, nonabsorbent, and easy to maintain. Each slab is backed with robust service and a transferable full lifetime warranty. SCI Cambria Quartz



  Quartz Countertop. . .   The Most Durable Option  Introducing Q Quartz Made with 93% quartz and backed by a Residential Lifetime Warranty, Q is scratch-resistant, stain resistant, and offered in an array of contemporary colors. Q provides a beautiful and discerning countertop solution for Homeowners, Architects, and Designers alike. Introducing



QUARTZ Made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz countertops are arguably the most durable option for kitchens & bathrooms. Quartz comes in many colors, including fire-engine red and apple green, as well as earthy browns, blacks, and creams, with sparkles and veining for the look of granite or marble.

Solid Surface


 Stain Resistant & Seamless Solid Surface Countertops  Where Does Solid Surface Come From? Solid surface is a man-made material usually composed of marble dust, bauxite, acrylic or polyester resins and pigments. It is most frequently used for seamless countertop installations. Solid Surface Countertops have "Seamless Elegance" ...sinks and backsplashes can be perfectly integrated to



 Functional Kitchen Sinks for Every Situation  Stocked Stainless Steel Sinks We stock stainless steel sinks right here in our Shawnee, Kansas facility. That means, on most occasions, no special orders - no delay. When you pick out your countertop material/color keep our stocked kitchen sinks in mind. SCI makes it simple. Your

Amerello Brown

Solid Surface


Solid Surface By Rod savage / Designed by Mia GENERAL GRANITE INFORMATION Granite is believed to have been formed as long as 300 million years ago. It began as a mass of molten rock, estimated at 1300 to 1400° F, formed by