A-Right Island Tops – Kitchen Renovation


Renovate my kitchen around our island top

This project started with the usual tear out.  The goal was to open up the kitchen using space efficiently while using color to enhance & brighten the room.  A lot of planning went into this kitchen remodel.  This is highly recommended to minimize mistakes and construction mayhem.

Once the countertops were ready a digital template was made of the granite countertops.  The island top was next and fabrication would soon follow the layout & design process.  Since we kept the same footprint the remodel was on record pace. CALL US at 913.422.0500!


Beautiful efficient & open kitchen

We believe that the objective was met.  Undoubtedly the kitchen seems more open.  The island is a beautiful gathering place for the family as well… quite functional.

The granite countertops will also continuously add value to this property. Unlike the synthetics that were there before, these granite countertops present a surface depth that seems almost three-dimensional.  It’s an immediate impression of elegance, a definite plus on any real estate broker’s checklist.

A-Right Kitchen Island – Family Hub

The kitchen island is often the family hub.  It’s a perfect staging area for meal prep, cooking, dining, and family discussions.

With that in mind, we design islands specifically to accommodate needs.  The granite material adds durability, stability and it’s easy to care for.   On top of that, it’s beautiful!  This family will enjoy their island top for years.

Island Sketch


A-Right Check List

  • Estimate – Project plan
  • Selection – Material Color
  • Schedule – Template & Install
  • Template – Digital Lazer
  • Design – CAD & layout
  • Project Readiness – Prep
  • Fabrication – Cut & Edge
  • Finish – Polish
  • Delivery
  • Installation
Great job SCI! Couldn’t be happier. We cannot wait to enjoy our new kitchen!
Jay Baker

A-Right Conceptual Design Samples

A-Right Project Materials

Santa Cecilia

  Santa Cecilia (Tops)

Santa Cecilia

  Santa Cecilia (Splash)

  Blanco 60/40

  Moen Fauset

A-Right Excellent Results

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Planning 28% - (1 to 3 days)
Selection 56% - (3 to 5 days)
Template 75% - (3 to 7 business days from contract)
Fabrication 95% - (10 to 15 business days from template)
Installation 100% - (2 to 3 hours to complete)

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