Marble, granite, travertine or natural stone shower:

Daily: Wipe shower walls and floor down with a squeegee to remove most soap scrum and water. Dry any areas where water might puddle with a towel.

Weekly: Use a squeegee to wipe down entire shower. Next, spray disinfectant shower cleaner onto walls (one wall at a time) and wipe dry with a towel. Repeat process for all walls and floor.

Yearly or biyearly: Once natural stone tiles lose luster, become pitted, have permanent water streaks or look worm, it is time to call Surface Center Interiors, to have a professionally trained stone technician restore your shower back to  its’ original condition.

Marble, granite, travertine or natural stone floor:

Weekly: Once a week, your natural stone floor should be dust mopped with dust mop (12″ – 18″ wide head). In week 2, your natural stone floor should be mopped with a cotton string mop and a stone soap solution consisting of 2 gallons of warm clean water and 6 – 8 oz of stone soap (pH7). Mop floor with a damp (well wrung out) mop of this solution. Be careful not to subject floor to too much water. Allow floor to air dry..

Yearly or biyearly: When floor becomes dull, loses it’s luster, numerous scratches appear and water spotting occurs, it is time to call Surface Center Interiors professionally trained stone technicians to restore your floor back to original condition.

Marble, granite, travertine or natural stone countertops:

Daily: Wipe off debris with a dry paper towel. After large debris has been removed wipe down entire countertop with either a 1.) Natural stone, antibacterial safe wipe (or) 2.) Natural stone soap and a clean damp paper towel. Note: All countertops should be cleaned with a natural stone soap (pH7) to prevent long term damage to your stone investment.

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